Terms & Conditions

Bendigo Bush Cabins Terms and Conditions


The below terms and conditions are applicable to all future bookings with Bendigo Bush Cabins and need to be agreed to at the beginning of your stay.

By agreeing and signing the applicable form at the start of your stay, you are accepting these terms and conditions for not only this booking, but any future bookings you may have with Bendigo Bush Cabins. Bendigo Bush Cabins holds no responsibility or liability for any lost, damaged or stolen goods belonging to the guest. Guest’s who bring their valuable possessions do so at their own risk. Bendigo Bush Cabins will not be held responsible for any damages caused by a third party of the booking. Charges to the Credit Card are based solely on the effect of property damages and not who caused them. Guests who provide Credit Card details at the time of the booking is held fully accountable for any debits that are taken from the supplied Credit Card that are bounded in these terms and conditions, that is, but not limited to; Damages, Cancellation Policy, Smoking fee, Late check-out fee and Lost Key fee. Bendigo Bush Cabins has taken measures to ensure the maximum safety for guests in the duration of their stay. Bendigo Bush Cabins will not be held liable for any injuries, damages or stolen goods caused by third parties, guests within themselves or the public. If any Terms and Conditions are breached with in the duration of the guests stay, fees and charges will be applied.

Cancellation Policy

Guests who cancel accommodation bookings will incur a fee to compensate for administrative charges and income loss. If the booking is cancelled 7 Days to 24 hours prior, a 25% cancellation fee of the total booking will be forfeited and charged to the credit card provided at the time of booking. If already paid, 75% of the paid amount will be refunded back into the supplied credit card at the time of booking. If the booking is cancelled less than 24 hours prior or if you fail to arrive to your booking, a 100% cancellation fee of the total booking will be forfeited and charged to the credit card provided at the time of booking (if not already paid). We will not offer any further refunds.


If the booking is cancelled outside of the cancellation policy provided with reason a refund of the total amount of the booking will be deposited back into the guests credit card provided at the time of booking. We do not provide refunds within the cancellation policy that are based on, but not limited to; Change of mind, misunderstood bedding configurations, room description or mistake during booking process (without notification prior to arrival). If you do not arrive to your booking, we will not refund any monies held.

Credit Card

Credit Card details must be provided when making a booking through Bendigo Bush Cabins, for damage and security reasons. Bendigo Bush Cabins is authorised to deduct monies to cover the cost of additional/excess cleaning, damages, repairs, replacement of goods, late departures or any other breaches of these terms and conditions. This includes smoking inside. We do not provide these details to any other persons and they are to be kept within our systems. Any additional fee’s will be charged to the credit card details provided. If Credit Card details are provided on behalf of a third party, guest agrees to take full responsibility and is personally liable for any debits taken from the Credit Card details. Bendigo Bush Cabins is not responsible for any civil disputes once debits are taken. Bendigo Bush Cabins recommends guests to consult third party Credit Card details prior to disclosing them to the booking reservation.

Group Bookings

All group bookings of 10 or more guests may be required to leave a security bond deposit in cash. In the event that damages are caused to the Cabins and/or Dormitory rooms, the deposit will not be refunded to the guests to cover the costs of the damages caused. Rooms will be checked over upon check out prior to deposits being refunded to the guests. Please check prior to booking regarding the cash deposit fee. We do not accept split payments/bills with group bookings.      

Check in / Checkout Times & Operating Hours

Guests may check in to their Cabins/Dormitory rooms any time after 2:00pm. Guest must be vacated from their cabins/dorms before 10:00am. If you request a later check-out, prior arrangement must be made when the booking was made, a small fee may be applied. Failure to do so will result in a $25 late checkout fee charged to the credit card supplied at the time of booking. Our office is opened between 9:00am – 5:00pm Mon-Sat. Our afterhours caretakers run anytime time before and after our office hours.


Bendigo Bush Cabins reserves the right to immediately evict any guest, visitor or member of the public for any anti-social behaviour, including but not limited to: possession or use of illegal drugs, wilful damage to Bendigo Bush Cabin property, theft, physical or verbal abuse of staff, other guests or the public. In the event of an eviction, all money held or due will be forfeited and the guest will be unable to make future reservations at Bendigo Bush Cabins.


Bendigo Bush Cabins respects the peace of guests and surrounding residents and has a very strict noise curfew. Loud banter, yelling, screaming, inappropriate language and music must be toned down and/or switched off by 10:00pm every night. Bendigo Bush Cabins holds the right to request that all loud noise be switched off after this time and if refused you may be asked to leave the premises and may be prevented from making further reservations with Bendigo Bush Cabins.


If there are any damages caused to the cabin, including, but not limited to; furniture, walls, floors or electrical equipment, we will charge the credit card details provided at the time of booking for the total amount to repair damages.


We strictly prohibit smoking in the Cabins, Dormitory rooms, Camp kitchen and Toilet block. If you smoke in the cabins, dormitory rooms, camp kitchen and toilet block there will be a $200.00 fine that will be charged to your credit card details provided at the time of booking to compensate blocking off the room to air out and clean the cabin/dorm.


We provide a cleaning service after every stay. If your cabin is left with any excessive mess that is, but not limited to; stains or marks on the floors, walls, windows, furniture or linen, we will charge a $50.00 cleaning fee to the credit card details provided at the time of booking to compensate for additional cleaning equipment and time loss for extra cleaning.

Key Return

Your key must be returned on departure. You can either hand your key to the caretaker or leave your key inside the cabin. If the key is not returned, an $8.00 fee will be charge through the credit card details provided at the time of booking.


Theft is an illegal act which we deal with very seriously. All items must remain in the cabins. If not in the cabin at time of cleaning, a charge to your credit card details provided at the time of booking will be deducted to the cost of the item/s missing and we may also result to higher investigation authorities depending on the severity of the situation to assist in retrieving the goods stolen.